The Women’s Community Centre has been here for 40 years, for the most part, exactly where it is located today. As such, it is an integral part of the City of St. Peter’s, Norwood and Payneham’s cultural, social and historic landscape.

Now, we are entering a new phase and need more volunteers. We warmly welcome back past volunteers and encourage new volunteers to join.

What can you expect when you volunteer with us? Actually, you can expect a  unique volunteering experience based on teamwork, respect and social justice.   At the WCC, there is a place for any woman who believes in nurturing resilience in her fellow women and  who wants to support South Australia’s last remaining women’s community centre.

We value the knowledge, skills and experience you bring with you and we try to offer opportunities to learn new skills. We are an inclusive and diverse organisation and we welcome all.

Things you could learn as a volunteer include :

  • social media
  • marketing
  • grant writing
  • logistics
  • retail sales
  • store design
  • customer care
  • cooking
  • kitchen management
  • gardening
  • administration
  • event management
  • management of public spaces

If you would like to learn things like this, get in touch.

If you can teach things like this, get in touch.

If you have other skills that you can share with others, get in touch.

If you would just like somewhere to go, where you were known and felt comfortable, get in touch.

All welcome. Come when and as often as you want. Help out if you can. Otherwise, just come by. It is your women’s centre too.

If you are at all interested, please call us on (08) 8362 6571 or email us at reception@wccsa.asn.au

Alternatively, you are always welcome to visit us at 64 Nelson Street, Stepney, SA 5069.

Thank you